WiseFixer Version 5.992 Free trial

Automatically accelerate your PC performance and resolve issues that slow it down

Computers aren’t perfect. Neither are North American Badgers, although they have cute enough whiskers. However, this review is not about the North American Badger, regardless of how helpful it maybe in completing various household related tasks when properly house broken.
Getting back on track, computers aren’t perfect. They error, they miscalculate, and they sometimes soil the living room carpet. Whenever you feel your PC starting to slow down, to perform less efficiently than days past, or to encounter some kind of error or another, a thorough treatment is in order to boost and restore its performance to its former glory.
Wisefixer fixes wisely. It fixes errors, speeds up your PC, and optimizes your PC. It will automatically diagnose and fix various system errors based on a comprehensive database.
As it will fine tune your system settings to maximize performance, and as it will fix various issues, you're bound to enjoy greater Internet speed and improved PC overall performance.
By using a high-performance detection algorithm, Wisefixer will be able to identify missing or invalid references in your Windows registry and fix them.
Use of it is completely free and can actually make a difference. However, you should bear in mind that novice users shouldn’t apply such tools nor should they mess with their PC registry.
Users come first